Jacobson-Pizer Funeral Chapel is a facility located in Utica, New York, Our ideal location will benefit many clients and funeral homes wishing to coordinate burials within this region of the state. Our funeral home is strategically located close to many major cemeteries . With major affiliations within the Christian and Jewish faiths.

     We can provide a full range of funeral services for clients. We assist you with newspaper notices, Clergy, caskets, outer case receptacles, family transportation, floral arrangements, limited or extended visitation, and all other aspects of funeral arrangements. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality of service as the standard with every client.

     Jacobson-Pizer Funeral Chapel is a family owned and operated business. We are large enough to serve all traditional and non-traditional needs yet small enough that each family gets the level of quality service and care they deserve.

     We have two licensed funeral directors on staff 24 hours a day, 7days a week to ensure that the needs of you and your family are always  cared for.
About Us
Jacobson-Pizer Funeral Chapel, Inc.
1123 Court Street
Utica, NY 13502
Scott J. Pizer -director